The Loppa

Embrace uncertainty & change, playfully

When people are able to find that sense of play in their work,
they become truly powerful figures.

- Dr. Stuart Brown

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Play is about being curious, connect, experiment & learn.

Bringing play fully into our lives, even at the workplace & in learning, makes us to better deal with difficulties, enhances our craft & is essential in all creative processes.

The bonus is increased life quality with more purpose, joy & connections. Already from being young, we grow from play. When playing with others, failing together & testing our limits, we learn what makes us able to collaborate & how to challenge each other.


Making professionals
more playful.

We believe every team & organization already have the answers they are searching for since they were part of creating the challenges in front of them. Sometimes though, especially in times of uncertainty, there is a need for fresh eyes & a helping hand to get there. We enjoy holding those hands! Always with the aim of how you learn to move forward on your own, without the need of us. Of course, more playfully professional!

Psychological safety

Connect through trust, belonging & purpose.
How to create effective teams & organizations is 100% in your culture. Daring to be vulnerable, open to feedback & actively take full responsibility of your leadership is fundamental in building that trust.

Collective intelligence

Rather than using the force of the ego. Creativity is in all of us! When we connect all that collective intelligence we possess & focus on humans first, we solve complex challenges in a shorter time, with higher quality.

Mindset & beliefs

Challenge your norms & what you believe is true.
It's usually not as we have learned it is. All of us need to see other perspectives & open up our minds once in a while. Essential if we want to change, grow & develop ourselves.

Flow state

Enjoy more while reaching higher states of yourselves.
Having activities & processes can make us effective in what we do. Understanding that, together with how to best be effective, will help us reach the flow state of mind more. Which we are all looking for, right?