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It all starts with
the team.

Most of us spend about half our waking hours working.. At the same time we are globally talking about the rising mental illness disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, addiction & lack of sleep.

As the experienced innovators we are, sharing a passion for team development, stretching outside of our comfort zones & facilitating learning experiences, we felt the need to fill the gap of knowledge around how to better enjoy our daily lives, especially when doing work. That's why we help individuals, teams & organisations in how to be more playfully professional, or playfessional!

Who are we?

Who are we?

The idea of Playfessional and The Loppa was created during our studies at Hyper Island in 2019 where we learned all about why team is everything, how you enhance creativity for better innovation & the full collective intelligence, through process design & facilitation. Read more about us here!

Francisco Palavecino
Called the nerd of innovation processes, switching beliefs with his full embodied presence & creative techniques. Lived all over the world, worked for big giants, built his own businesses, with a master degree in Branding & Communication and been through his fair share of creative processes & building culture in organisations.

Robin Kettula
Mostly known for opening up mindsets & new perspectives by being radically vulnerable. Worked in the biggest media corporations, part of several start-ups, been hustled & done hustle. Part of creating both unhealthy & healthy team cultures last 10 years, always within the digital world. Degree in business development, process design & facilitation.

Playfessional, with our services & products, focus on the Sustainable Development Goals: