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“The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression”
- Brian Sutton-Smith

Let’s unlock your collective
intelligence together!

Through the curiosity of needs in you & your organization, we co-create & hold spaces of processes around team dynamics & the collective intelligence to move you forward with more balanced learning & growth mindsets. Together we playfully challenge your norms & ways of working with the art of facilitation to increase your skills & how to continuously learn & grow as an individual, team & organization.

What we mostly do

You choose your own path,
we'll guide you through it.

Innovation thinking
The end of silos. Learn, build & test ideas with quality, fast.
With structured methods & a holistic view, using human-centered design, we facilitate the collective intelligence in your team & solve complex challenges with end-user results, creating a more planet-positive world.

Culture marathon
Because culture is not a sprint, we build it every single day, infinitely.
The greatest organizations in the world have one thing in common, great culture. Which is all about having safety, trust & a higher purpose. You bring your open minds & hearts. We bring the science, methods, & tools.

Mindset mentoring
Embracing change & uncertainty requires a certain mindset.
Most people, no matter type of role, go around with old beliefs that always need to get challenged to learn new. Uncertain times can be rough but usually is smoother with support & someone challenging you.

We also love to do other fun stuff
Such as design sprints & hackathons, lectures, tailored co-creations, team-development sessions, round table talks, working with youth & young adults as well much more. Just reach out if you want us to design something special just for you, your team & organization!

Combined with our own experiences & thanks to science, we know that the potential in human minds is enormous. Our framework, the models & tools we use are created based on insights & facts neuroscience, behavior studies, psychology & group dynamics tell us on how to be well, do good & continuously improve. Always designed to make work more playful.

May it be board meetings, strategy, team development or creative sessions, we will see possibilities of change to then challenge you with what the clear evidence suggests. We can help you with this as one-off workshops or structured learning programs over longer periods of time! We are cool working with boards, leaders, creatives, coders & business people in all industries.

When we successfully unlock that in mankind, we can start talking about changing the world.

Let’s unlock your collective intelligence together!