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The future of teams.

We have developed a new analogue tool for the modern team. It helps you stay focused, creative & energized. Join us on this journey to be more
playfully professional — or playfessional.

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Introducing: The Loppa

You remember it, right? That folded paper from your childhood. The paper toy you used for fortune telling, games, and whatever else your mind could think of.

We have taken this nostalgic paper toy and turned it into an analogue tool for the modern team.

Launching in February 2020.

The future looks analogue.

Yes, we hear it — analogue? Ever since the introduction of the internet, everything has been digitized; our calendars and books, the way we shop and spend time together, and even our water bottles.

Aren’t you tired of yet another service to sign up for? Therefore, we are taking it analogue. We are bringing back the team part of teamwork.

Designed for everyone.
Made for teams.

We have made The Loppa easy to use for anyone, regardless of age or experience. It even comes with instructions on how to fold it, and step-by-step guides for each exercise.

Go outside your comfort zone.

The Loppa helps you challenge the traditional norms of what it means to be professional. It allows you and other people to have more fun together, develop as a team and incorporate a new way of thinking.

Energize and develop your team.

When energy is low at work, in a meeting or in a workshop, The Loppa helps you perform exercises together that brings the energy level up again. These activities are called 'energizers.'

Be more playfully professional.

We are on a mission to make teams and workplaces more playfully professional — or playfessional. The Loppa is our first tool to help you succeed with this. We believe that being playfessional is a mindset that people want to adapt and develop into a skill.